Become A Kango Driver

Earn money and make a difference in the lives of families

How To Get Started

We're in the business of helping families, so we need drivers who want to go the extra mile to keep kids safe and happy, and keep their parents informed.
Apply online
Complete Kango Safety Check
Attend a Kango training
Start driving and earning
We are always looking for great drivers to join us.

Interested in working with us?

Apply now Driver candidates must be over 21, vehicles must be model year 2013 or later. Childcare experience required.

Give rides to great kids going places!

Kango is more than just a way to earn extra cash by transporting a passenger from Point A to Point B. It's an opportunity to connect, and to care for kids whose lives are busier than ever.

We find the families in your area that need help

We send you the ride requests that are closest to you.

We bring the jobs to you

We post jobs for you as soon as families request them.

We process payments for you automatically

After the job is done, we’ll charge the customer and transfer money directly to you.

Drive and make up to $48 per hour on a flexible schedule
Get a $25 activation bonus for your first job, earn up to $24 minimum fare for peak time jobs, drive to qualify for daily bonuses* (rates and bonuses may vary by location).
Enjoy the flexibility to plan your schedule ahead of time.
Earn extra tips from satisfied parents, drive regular routes if desired (as available).
Call or message parents directly from the app when you need to.
Get support from the Kango HQ team whenever you need it.

 Our Drivers Love Us

"I love being a part of the Kango family, especially driving the little ones around. Not only am I compensated well for my time and experience with children, but I receive the best support from the Kango team. I can interact directly with the parent within the app and can schedule my rides ahead of time. It's an app with a human touch."

"Kango cares about its drivers and sitters. There is a real sense of community with this service and you have access to the founders and HQ team which immediately makes you feel like you’re part of a greater team."

"Having two teenage kids of my own, I drove my kids to school myself for years. The conversations we had in the car made a big difference in preparing them to engage in class and they were happier for it. I do this for Kango now and it puts a smile on my face everyday. I'm so grateful to have an opportunity to continue this very important work."

The Kango Safety Check includes:

Background checks
DMV records check
And more

Review the complete safety checklist

Kango is committed to a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol abuse, use of a mobile device (texting or talking) or engaging in inappropriate conduct while providing services for Kango. Any drivers or sitters who violate this policy will be removed from the program.