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Best in Class COVID-19 Health

& Safety Protocols

Reviewed by Medical Experts, Implemented with Care

COVID-19 policies designed for safety, with a process to achieve it.



The world is changing. With multitude of shifts we're experiencing accross our global landscape, we at Kango remain focused on driving towards our core mission:

To be the safest, most trusted transportation solution for families and drivers.

The health and safety of drivers, children, parents, and schools has always been at the heart of our work, and we remain fully committed to the highest standards each day for every ride, and for every family.


The post-COVID-19 economy has presented an unprecedented set of challenges for many industries, including ours. We believe this requires us more than ever to stand together. In the pursuit of our core values, we have developed a decision-making framework we believe is appropriate for the dynamic and rapidly evolving challenges of COVID-19. Kango has engaged a caring team of medical experts to assist us in building the very best protocols to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

With this team, Kango is implementing medically and scientifically driven policies with the dual goals of:

Prioritizing the health and safety of riders, drivers, parents, and schools
Playing a positive role in supporting public health policies and community guidelines


Kango has put in place a set of protocols and app updates that we believe are best-in-class for safe youth transportation. We developed these protocols in collaboration with a panel of physicians, pediatricians, and public health and infectious disease experts. From institutions ranging from Harvard University Medical School to the Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University, these doctors have reviewed and provided feedback on our detailed procedures. Because this situation is rapidly changing, this group of medical experts will continue to guide our policies based on scientific data and public health information. We will share updates with you every step of the way.

We are providing Kango drivers with PPE supplies. Additionally, in standing alongside our panel of medical experts, we believe that a uniform mask requirement for both driver and rider best ensures the safety of our families and providers. Per CDC mask guidelines, passengers age 2 and up are required to wear a mask or face covering while riding with Kango, unless they require a medical exception.

In each step of the journey, guidelines are clearly communicated, providing easy-to-follow health and safety processes:

What Medical Experts are saying

"Kango cares about the safety of the communities they serve, and have worked to develop new protocols accordingly. Their services are an important part of the solution, as we determine how children can safely go back to school. I have worked with Kango to help develop safer policies for our children, and I look forward to supporting Kango's thought leadership on Covid-19 policies."

Dr. Abraar Karan MD, MPH, DTM&H
Hiatt Residency in Global Health Equity
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical School


Schools are working together with Department of Education and local public health agencies to ensure the safety of our children. Kango continues to work closely with our school partners on school-by-school and district-by-district basis as policies are announced and implemented. We encourage families to follow the progress and updates from their schools, as well as CDC guidelines on school considerations.


Because Kango is in large part a digitally-driven business model, our corporate office staff continues to work safely and effectively as they support our driver network, our riders, schools, camps and families. Our employees and drivers continue to show why they are the best in the business, upholding our brand promise in the most difficult of circumstances. We couldn't be prouder of this team whose vision is to "Make a Difference".


Our approach to achieving health & safety begins with a science-driven, clearly defined policy but that is only one component. Kango represents innovation in its purest form - innovation in transportation and in supporting children, families and schools in entirely new ways. As part of our effort to be the best-in-class, safest transportation option for families and drivers, we are continuously analyzing our ride process from top to bottom (and bottom to top), and designing an efficient system to ensure our policies are understood and followed by our team and the families we serve.

We intend to continue down this path of innovation to provide solutions to all our partners - our drivers, our riders and our schools. Solutions are complex in this ever-changing world, and we at Kango believe in making a difference as our core value; we look to do so as a business and as individuals every day.